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TOP 10, essential visits

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    We are going to review the essential visits in Gijón. All the corners and places that you cannot miss during your stay in the city.

    TOP 10 essentials

    Labor University

    With 270,000 square meters, the Labor University of Gijón is the largest building in Spain and it is declared Well of cultural interest with the category of Monument. It was built in the likeness of the Parthenon in Athens and its interior patio and the beautiful gardens that surround it stand out.

    Isabel La Católica Park

    More than 150,000 square meters of Urban park make the Isabel la Católica Park one of the most recommended visits in Gijón. Its abundant flora and fauna make it a haven of peace and tranquility, perfect for a walk at sunset.

    San Lorenzo Beach

    With more than a kilometer and a half in length, San Lorenzo Beach is one of the best known in Asturias. Its sand is fine and it has 16 access stairs. He wall walk, runs parallel to the beach (although it continues once it is finished) and offers privileged views of the bay of Gijón.

    street run

    One of the commercial axes most important pedestrian streets in the city. In addition to its numerous commercial basses, the modernist facades of their buildings.

    Praise of the Horizon

    Located in full Santa Catalina Hill, the Elogio del Horizonte is a work by Eduardo Chillida, 10 meters high and weighing 500 tons. To get to the sculpture it is necessary to cross the Cimadevilla neighborhood, the first settlement in the city of Gijón.

    the latronas

    It is currently the sculpture that most represents the city of Gijón and the most photographed. Located in the Jardines de la Reina, its visit is essential.

    Marquis Square

    A meeting point for the people of Gijón, La Plazuela del Marqués stands out for concentrating a large number of tourist attractions in a small space. He Monument to Don Pelayo, he Revillagigedo Palace and the cider tree They are a good example of it.

    Begona walk

    Also Known As The Campinos, is one of the busiest areas of the city where gardens, children's spaces and terraces are mixed. Buildings such as the Jovellanos Theater, he Dindurra Coffee wave st lawrence church.

    Rinconin Park

    Continuing along the Paseo del Muro to the east, we arrive at the Parque del Rinconín, an area of gardens and sculptures where you can enjoy some unparalleled views from the bay of Gijón and the Cantabrian Sea.

    Neighborhoods of Carmen and La Ruta

    Gijón has many areas to enjoy a vermouth or a caña in the middle of the afternoon, some of the busiest are the Barrio del Carmen and the Wine Route. Located on both sides of Calle Corrida, they are a perfect place to tapas after a day of sightseeing.

    Map of essential sites

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