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black week

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    Black Week is a literary and cultural festival which has been held in the city every July since 1988. This event has become one of the most important festivals of popular culture in Spain and Europe, and focuses on the genre of crime and mystery literature.

    The festival began as an initiative of the Asturian writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II, who wanted to create an event that celebrated popular literature and urban culture. Since then, Black Week has expanded and now includes a wide variety of events, such as concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, panel discussions, and book launches.

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    One of the most important aspects of Black Week is its dedication to crime and mystery literature. Every year, dozens of authors from around the world are invited to present their works at the festival and round tables and debates are held on the themes they address in their novels. These authors are both well-known and emerging, allowing attendees to meet new voices within the genre.

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    In addition to literature, Black Week is also known for its commitment to popular culture and society in general. Events on politics, ecology, human rights and other important issues affecting contemporary society are organized, as well as music concerts and a wide variety of activities for the whole family.

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    Black Week has dozens of booths from publishers, bookstores and distributors, which focus on selling a wide variety of crime and mystery books, although they also have other types of genres. There is a wide range of second-hand books and, as a complement, many stalls selling music, clothing and handicrafts, which makes this event a meeting place for lovers of urban culture.

    In addition, Black Week is an inclusive and accessible event for all people. The organizers work year after year so that all the activities are free and open to the public, and specific events are held for children and young people. Steps have also been taken to ensure the event is accessible to people with disabilities and ramps have been installed and signage improvements have been made.


    The Black Week has been changing its location for many years, which has made it possible to energize the different neighborhoods of the city in a balanced way. Currently, it is located on the former land of Naval Gijón, in the area of Poniente and Natahoyo (see on google maps).

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