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What is eaten in Gijón?

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    All of Asturias has an enviable gastronomy and Gijón is no exception. Hundreds of restaurants offer tourists a unique experience with local products.

    What is eaten in Gijón?

    Gijón's gastronomy is based on local products. Sea and mountains are mixed in recipes that are highly valued both in the province and throughout the world. If you want to know more about the asturian gastronomy, you can visit: What to eat in Asturias. The most typical dishes? Let's go see them.

    Asturian stew

    If you are a fan of hearty and tasty dishes, you cannot miss it! The Asturian stew is the quintessential stew from Asturias. It consists of a mixture of fabes and compango (chorizo, black pudding and bacon). Its preparation is simple, but it requires time and patience for the flavors to mix and enhance.

    asturian pot

    Other spoon plate star of Asturias and also of Gijón. This recipe is made from fabes, which are cooked together with different meats such as pork shoulder, chorizo and black pudding and cabbage. The result is a very complete and nutritious dish, with an intense flavor and a smooth and creamy texture.


    The cachopo is another of the typical Asturian dishes that has become an authentic gastronomic phenomenon at the national level. Can you imagine a giant beef fillet, stuffed with serrano ham and cheese? Now you pass it through flour, egg and grated bread and fry it in abundant oil. The result is our fantastic cachopo. Its size and flavor make it a real energy bomb, ideal to share with friends or family.

    You can find cachopos with different fillings, ham and cheese being the most traditional.

    Cachopo Asturiano

    Chorizo with cider

    This dish is one of the Gijón's most famous appetizers which is present in all the cider houses in the city. It is a simple dish but with a lot of flavor and its secret lies in the perfect combination between chorizo and natural Asturian cider. The chorizo is slowly cooked in the cider, which infuses its flavor with the sweetness of the cider and acquires a delicious point. It is an excellent option to share as a starter for several people.


    He snuff, known in Asturias as pixin It is a highly appreciated fish in the gastronomy of Asturias. Its firm white flesh makes it a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen, which can be prepared in many different ways. Here it is typical to eat it battered and fried, accompanied by aioli sauce.

    What is drunk in Gijón?

    Asturian cider

    The asturian cider is the drink par excellence of Asturias. No tourist should miss the opportunity to try a good cider in any of the numerous cider houses that you will find throughout the city.

    Keep in mind that Asturian cider is not like any other drink: it is served in glass bottles and poured from a considerable height, causing the drink to fall on the glass to aerate it and release its aromas. It is a ritual that is part of the Asturian culture and that you must know to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

    The drink deposited on a wide glass, is called culin (you will get used to hearing: Give me a cup of cider) and should be drunk in a single gulp, discarding a bit of the drink that will serve to clean the area where we have drunk. Since COVID, a glass is usually placed for each person, although the traditional thing is all drink from the same glass (That's why we clean the area where it was drunk with a little cider)

    escanciar sidra Asturias Gijón
    Cider pouring in a cider house

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