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    Gijón is a city with affordable prices. The large number and variety of restaurants, bars and hotels means that there are options for all budgets.

    Within Gijón there are important variations in terms of prices. The most expensive area is located in the center and the areas closest to the beach of San Lorenzo and Puerto Deportivo. The cheapest options can be found in the most remote neighborhoods or in rural areas.

    Price in bars and restaurants

    The gastronomic variety of Asturias and in particular of Gijón is so wide that it is not possible to define a global price range. Even so, and as an example, we leave you the most common prices in the downtown area:

    • Bottle of cider: €3
    • Bottle of selected cider: €3.50
    • Third of beer: €2.50
    • Rod: €2
    • Glass of wine: €2.50

    It is customary in the city to offer a Courtesy skewer or tapa included in the price.

    Price in hotels and apartments

    Gijón has more than 50 hotels and a large number of hostels and holiday apartments. Prices vary depending on the season, with the months of July and August being the most expensive. In mid season hostels are around €40 - €50 a night, three-star hotels €50 - €70 and four-star hotels from €65 to €100 a night. Below we show you a map of hotels.


    • Single bus ticket: €1.50
    • Taxi (day rate): €1.83 + €1 each kilometer. Minimum rate: €4.30
    • Taxi (night rate and holidays): €2.29 + €1.24 each kilometer. Minimum rate: €5.37


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