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    He Metropolis Festival It is a cultural event that takes place in the month of July in Gijón and attracts thousands of visitors. Although the promoters hold events (mainly concerts) throughout the year, the festival fills the city with concerts and exhibitions during those days in an event that offers a wide variety of activities for all tastes.

    The Metropolis Festival is a cultural and leisure event which is celebrated during ten days and offers multiple events such as music concerts, conferences, performances, art, comics and much more. The objective of the festival is to offer a wide cultural offer for all audiences and to become a meeting point for artists and fans of a wide variety of disciplines.


    One of the great attractions of the Metropolis Festival is the live music, with several daily concerts of different styles. The fairgrounds are filled with exhibitions, conferences, markets and a large area of food trucks, restaurants and bars.

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    The world of comics is very present at the Metropolis Festival. During the days of the festival, meetings with cartoonists, exhibitions, talks and workshops related to comics are held, making the city one of the most important places in the world.

    From the organization of the event they usually close agreements with different transport companies to bring the festival closer to tourists with significant discounts.

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