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    The official language in Asturias is Spanish or Castilian. Part of the population uses Asturian or Bable, although it does not have an official character.

    The official language throughout the Principality of Asturias is Spanish or Castilian. In all public places you will find information in this language and the entire population knows it and speaks it. The Asturian language, although it is quite widespread, is not official, so you will always find it with Spanish as a backup. So that you do not get lost with some of the most typical words that you will hear in Gijón, we leave you their translation.

    Typical Asturian expressions

    • actuate: save the site.
    • Asgaya: much, abundant.
    • caleya: country road with poor access.
    • carbayon: oak, a hundred-year-old tree that was located in Oviedo and gives its nickname to the Oventenses.
    • winch: bar or cider house.
    • gourd: Young guy.
    • entamar: begin.
    • scarabicar: stir.
    • to be family: to be very hungry.
    • spike: meeting to eat in a cider press, usually standing up and having cider.
    • fame: hunger.
    • Fatu: insult.
    • fartuco: full of food.
    • hang up: rest, wander
    • folixa: party.
    • foriatu: people from outside Asturias.
    • stain: hurting.
    • orbayu: very light rain.
    • pigazú: short nap.
    • Lend: like, enjoy
    • puxa: live.


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