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Gijón in 3 days

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    3 days in Gijón is a perfect stay. We show you the best itineraries for each day and thus get to know the city and not miss anything.

    What to see in Gijón in 3 days?

    Visit Gijón in three days It is a perfect plan since it will allow us to enjoy the city and all its environments. We are going to review several Routes to see Gijón in a weekend.

    For a global vision of the city, we recommend you take a FREE TOUR the first day of your stay. Remember that to do these routes through the city you do not have to pay anything, although it is advisable to give a tip according to the time and visit.

    First day

    Marquis Square

    We begin our route in one of the most emblematic squares in Gijón. From the center of the Plazuela del Marqués we get beautiful views of the Revillagigedo Palace, he monument to Don Pelayo and the Leisure port, sports port. We begin our visit going up to the Cimadevilla neighborhood to the left of the Revillagigedo Palace. In the middle of the ramp we find ourselves on the right with the Collegiate Church of San Juan Bautista and in front with the Package House, current tourist office of the Gijón City Council.

    We turn left down the rock stairs, where you can take a picture on the emblematic steps of Cimadevilla. We cross the street and turn left to continue along the Paseo del Puerto Deportivo until The Letronas, but not before making a stop at the cider tree.

    gijon en 3 días

    Marina and Poniente Beach

    We continue our walk in the direction of the West Beach passing through the Marina, where hundreds of pleasure boats occupy its docks. In the surroundings of the beach we find several activities for this morning:

    Carmen neighborhood

    After an active morning, we retrace our steps. In this case we do it along Calle Marqués de San Esteban in the direction of Barrio del Carmen, an area full of bars where we can eat a menu or some tapas before continuing our route.

    Corrida Street and South Market

    With our batteries charged and our stomachs full, we headed towards the italy square, beginning of the street cumshot that we will go through to the end. After reaching the Plaza Seis de Agosto we headed to the right to see the façade of the South Market. Now, we cross the square again and go up Fernández Vallín street. On the left we leave the main Post Office and its lion-shaped mailboxes, on the right the Asturias Casino and in front of the facade of the Albeniz Theater, currently occupied by a fast food restaurant.

    Begona walk

    Once in the Begona walk, we meet him Jovellanos Theater and the Dindurra Coffee. Leaving the latter on the left, we continue along Calle Covadonga in the direction of the Saint Michael Square. Obligatory stop to contemplate the facade of the st lawrence church. Once in the square, we enter Menéndez Valdés street, we cross the Parcheesi Square and we headed towards the Basilica-Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (known as the church), where the 7.75 meter high statue that crowns the temple stands out. Opposite, the Jovellanos Public Library and the Old Jovellanos Cultural Center They close a beautiful architectural triangle.

    gijon en 3 días

    San Lorenzo

    Again we headed towards the sea to see the San Lorenzo Beach and turn left towards the St. Peter's Church, leaving the left Warsaw building, the old municipal fishmonger and the back of Gijon Town Hall.

    gijon en 3 días

    Campo Valdes and Plaza Mayor

    We arrive at Campo Valdes Square, the perfect place to have an ice cream with views of the sandy area of San Lorenzo and the St. Peter's Church. We finished our route heading towards the Main Square to, crossing it, return to the starting point.


    For a tapas dinner we will go to the area of La Ruta de los Vinos (Begoña street and parallel streets). For a good fish dinner, we can choose any of the cider houses near the Plaza Mayor.

    Day 2


    We begin the morning of the second day in Gijón, going to the Universidad Laboral, the largest building in Spain and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the Monument category. If we have gotten up early and the weather allows it, we will continue our route approaching the Atlantic Botanical Garden to end the morning with a quiet walk inside the garden.

    To eat, we go to the Molinón Stadium where we will have easy parking and several restaurants for all tastes.


    We leave from the Molinón Stadium in the direction of the Isabel La Católica Park, urban park that has more than 150,000 square meters. Its abundant flora and fauna make it a haven of peace and tranquility, perfect for a walk. We continue in the direction of the San Lorenzo Beach and we crossed the Piles River on the way to the Rinconin Park to enjoy some unparalleled visits from the bay of Gijón and the Cantabrian Sea.

    We retrace our steps and, after crossing the Piles River again, we continue along the wall walk (or by the sandbank) until the end of the beach, where we will end the route of our second day through Gijón.

    Day 3

    The morning of our last day in Gijón begins with breakfast in one of the many cafeterias in the street cumshot. we headed towards The Letronas and following the Marina we head towards the cider tree. We will go through the entire street of Claudio Alvargonzález passing through the Old Rula Exhibition Hall and ending in the Dam Saint Catherine.

    gijon en 3 días

    Now we have to lower breakfast going up to the Santa Catalina Hill. To do this, we turn to the right from the dam, guided by a perfectly indicated path. heading to Praise of the Horizon, the most emblematic sculpture of the city, we can observe the old batteries defenses of the city We recommend you make a long stop on our route while you listen to the sounds of the Cantabrian Sea and you observe beautiful views of the city, the mountains and the sea.

    We descend again towards the center through the Laundry Square, where we will make a stop to take a culin of cider, accompanied by a tapa, in one of its many cider houses. We continue descending towards the clock tower and we turn left to reach the Jovellanos Square where we can visit Jovellanos Birthplace Museum. Our descent towards the center of the city brings us back to Plaza Campo Valdés and Playa de San Lorenzo.

    If you still have time, you can access the Campo Valdés Roman Baths, a museum that is covered very quickly but that is worth it. And now yes yes. It's time to go down to the sand and take a bath! Could there be a better plan to end your 3-day route through Gijón?

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