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    The city of Gijón has numerous festivals throughout the year: Semana Grande, Cider Festival, Antroxu, Asturias Day...

    Gijón has numerous festivities and great celebrations. During the festivities, the city is filled with tourists and locals looking for the good atmosphere and fun that is breathed in every corner.

    Gijón festivities

    Big week

    In the month of August and coinciding with the week of the 15th, Gijón celebrates its most notable festivals. The most important day is August 14, when the celebration Night of the Fires. The next day in the morning, the snapper and the prima dance end the great week of the city.

    Throughout August (and also part of July) numerous free concerts spread over several scenarios, in addition to numerous plays in the street for all ages.

    fiestas de Gijón

    Antroxu (Carnival)

    The Antroxu is the Asturian name of the traditional carnival. This holiday is declared as Festival of Regional Tourist Interest and every year it gathers thousands of people. For several days, the city is filled with bands, parades and performances for all audiences.

    The festivities begin the previous Thursday with The Comadres (party traditionally for women) . The most important days are Monday with the big parade and Tuesday with the burial of the sardine.

    Asturias Day

    Asturias Day in Gijón (Festival of National Tourist Interest) is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. After a tour of the Cerro de Santa Catalina, a parade of floats and folkloric groups is organized that runs along the Paseo del Muro de San Lorenzo to the Molinón Stadium. At this point, a big festival is held. It is considered the prelude to the Big Week.

    Cider Festival

    The Natural Cider Festival (Festival of Regional Tourist Interest) animates the last week of August and takes advantage of the last days of the Gijón summer. With an extensive program of activities, the world record for simultaneous pouring stands out above the rest, which is held on the Poniente beach.


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