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Events calendar

Complete annual agenda of events that can be enjoyed in Gijón. We explain what events and festivals there are every month.

Welcome to the city of Gijón!

If you are a lover of culture and the entertainment, You have come to the right place. In this article we are going to dive into the Gijón annual events calendar, where you can discover that Gijón is a city full of activities and shows for all tastes. From music and theater festivals, to food fairs and sporting events, Gijón has something to offer all year round. Let us begin!


las comadres

the wives

Les Comadres is a traditional celebration that takes place on Comadres Thursday, the Thursday before the start of Lent and Carnival. It is an exclusively female party in which women gather to enjoy a snack or dinner with their friends and family, sing and dance. This celebration, which dates back to the 18th century, is deeply rooted in the city and is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Asturias.

Antroxu en Gijón


Carnival is one of the most popular and expected parties in Gijón. Thousands of people gather in the traditional brass band parade. In addition, the cultural program is extended during all the days of the carnival and offers alternatives for all tastes and ages.

Teatro en FETEN


The European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls of Gijón/Xixón (FETEN) is one of the largest and most important performing arts festivals for children and youth in Spain. Aimed at ages between 0 and 18, it is a festival that includes numerous theatre, music, dance, workshops or film shows so that the whole family can enjoy culture in the company of the little ones.



LEV Festival

The LEV (Laboratory of Visual Electronics) is a festival whose main objective is the dissemination and promotion of electronic music and visual arts. This event, which brings together artists and creators from all over the world, offers a wide variety of activities such as concerts, exhibitions, workshops and conferences, and has established itself as an essential event for lovers of digital and experimental culture.

gijon sound festival

Gijon Sound Festival

The Gijón Sound Festival is characterized as a music festival with a unique identity. Its values are cooperation, sustainability, effort, creativity, innovation, empowerment and development of the territory. For a few days, Gijón becomes the center of the country's music with several concerts (free and paid) in different locations in the city.


metrópoli Gijón


For ten days in July, the Metropolis Festival offers multiple events such as music concerts, conferences, performances, art, comics and much more. A festival that fills Gijón with a wide cultural offer for all audiences and makes the city a meeting point for artists and fans of a wide variety of disciplines. Its comic con stands out, among the most popular in the country.

semana negra

black week

Gijón's Black Week is a literary and cultural festival that brings together a wide variety of internationally renowned authors and artists, as well as thousands of visitors from all over the world. Black Week is characterized by its strong social and political commitment, as well as its program of activities that includes book presentations, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and a book fair. Within the festival there is an important presence of crime and crime literature, which has been its hallmark since its foundation.



International Trade Fair of Asturias

The Asturias International Trade Fair is one of the most important events in Gijón, which brings together hundreds of exhibitors from different economic and commercial sectors. Over several days, visitors have the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in products and services, enjoy activities and shows, as well as establish contacts and do business. The fair is a showcase for the Asturian economy and a meeting point for companies and the general public.

escanciar sidra Asturias Gijón

Simultaneous Pouring World Record

The world record for simultaneous cider pouring in Gijón is an extremely important event in Asturian culture and in the promotion of Asturian cider throughout the world. The tradition of pouring cider, already an art in itself, joins the enthusiasm of the thousands of participants to achieve, year after year, a new record. Without a doubt, this event is a testimony of the love and passion that Asturians have for their culture and gastronomy.


Cometcon Gijón


Video games, literature, cinema, cosplay, comics, art, illustration, role playing, music and much more. Since 2013, this youth event that is held at the Luis Adaro Fairgrounds has established itself as the largest alternative cultural and leisure offer in Asturias.


Qué croqueta eres Gijón

What croquette are you?

One of the most important gastronomic events in Asturias is celebrated during the month of November in the city. Who does not like croquettes? What if you could try the best in Gijón?

For 10 days the city is filled with lovers of croquettes who can taste the proposals of the city's hospitality.

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