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How to get there by train

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    Gijón has a main train station where RENFE and FEVE operate, with dozens of trains daily and a multitude of provincial and national destinations.

    travel by train

    Asturias has a commuter and long-distance network that facilitates communication between many points in the community.

    From the Sanz Crespo station, dozens of trains leave every day to different points of the Spanish geography. If you want to move around Asturias by train, the commuter services and FEVE will help you with the task. In the neighborhood the causeway a second train station is located that provides coverage to the west of the city.

    Below we provide you with the destination maps and the links to see the schedules in real time.

    long haul

    Cómo llegar en tren a Gijón

    FEVE suburban

    Cómo moverte desde Gijón en tren por el resto de Asturias

    Schedules and ticket sales

    • Commuter Asturias.
    • Long distance: con la apertura de la variante de Pajares, los tiempos de viaje se han reducido considerablemente, conectado Asturias con el resto de provincias en tiempos muy reducidos.

    Train stations map


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    Commuter, narrow gauge and long-distance trains connect the city with a multitude of daily frequencies.
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    The Marina has almost 700 moorings up to 32 meters long and 3.80 meters deep.
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