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How to get there by car

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    Gijón communicates with the rest of the Principality through free highways. The most important access roads are the A-8, AS-II and AS-I.

    traveling by car

    The road connection from Gijón is excellent. Several highways reach the city that offer the tourist a privileged and comfortable access. Depending on the final destination within the city, you must access one way or another. Read on to find out all about how to get to gijón by car.

    How to get to Gijón without tolls? And to Asturias?

    The only route by car that you have toll in Asturias It is the one that covers the León - Campomanes route through the A-66 highway, known as the Huerna highway. The alternative to this route is the national 630 through the Puerto Pajares, a road with good firm and wide in all its extension.

    From the west (Avilés, Cudillero, Galicia…)

    From the west of Asturias, access to Gijón by the highway A-8. After crossing the Somonte viaduct, we find exit 384 that will take us to the downtown area of the city. If your accommodation is close to the Poniente, Cimadevilla or El Carmen beach, this will be your output.

    Continuing along the A-8 motorway, the next exit for the city center is 379. This exit gives access to the urban center through Avenida del Llano, one of the main arteries. It is the appropriate exit for accommodation in the Llano and Begoña neighborhood.

    The last of the exits is 377, which will take us into Gijón through the Viesques neighborhood. This option is one of the most used during the summer, since we will easily reach the Molinón stadium, the fairgrounds, the Isabel La Católica park and the San Lorenzo beach.

    From Oviedo

    There are two options for visit or get to Gijón from Oviedo. The first one, much busier, is the A-8 motorway, popularly known as the Y. From this route, we will enter by the same road as if we were arriving from Avilés (see indications in the previous point).

    The second alternative, much more recommendable, is the AS-II highway. Through this road we will reach the Plaza de Europa, a central area of the city.

    From the south (Mieres, León…)

    In this case, we arrive through the AS-I that connects Mieres with Gijón. This highway enters the center of the city through Avenida del Llano, making access to the city very easy from it.

    From the east (Villaviciosa, Ribadesella, Llanes, Cantabria...)

    From the East we access Gijón through the A-8 motorway. The order of the departures is the opposite of the arrival from Avilés. The first exit is 377, with direct access to the Molinón Stadium, fairgrounds and San Lorenzo beach. The second is number 379, with an entrance from Avenida del Llano and the last one, number 382, will give us access to Plaza de Europa.

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