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    The climate in Gijón is mild throughout the year thanks to the influence of the Cantabrian Sea. Winter is characterized by rain and orbayo (fine rain). Summer is the driest time.

    The climate of Gijón is characterized by temperate temperatures throughout the year and a high degree of humidity. During the months of winter the rainy They are usually regular and in summer they become more occasional.

    Throughout Asturias the appearance of the orbayo. It is a fine rain, similar to drizzle. The saying that accompanies the orbayo is: "It seems not, but wet".

    Forecast in Gijón

    This is the forecast for the next four days in Gijón.


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    Being a coastal city, Gijón is characterized by mild temperatures, although the orbayo usually appears when you least expect it.
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    If something characterizes Asturias it is the fiestas. Both in summer and winter you will find several festivities that you cannot miss.
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