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Where to sleep?

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    The variety of accommodation offered by Gijón makes it a very versatile destination for all types of tourists. Hotels, hostels, holiday apartments, camping…

    The best areas to sleep in Gijón

    Gijón has several well-differentiated areas where you can stay for the holidays. Although each of them will offer you better options, we will explain which will be the best area to sleep in Gijón according to your tastes.

    Downtown area

    In the center of Gijón are many of the holiday apartments and hotels that the city has. Finding one of these vacation rentals is always a success since you will have all the services just a few steps away.

    Advantages of staying in the center.

    • Close to points of interest.
    • Multitude of restaurant and cultural options.
    • Near the beach.


    • Parking.
    • night noise.

    Best hotels in the center

    East Side

    The eastern part of the city, and in particular the surroundings of Río Piles, have several hotels that are perfect for those looking for a quieter place than the center but within walking distance of it.

    Advantages of staying in the east zone.

    • Simple and free parking.
    • Quiet zone.
    • Near the beach.


    • Less variety of restaurants (although sufficient).
    • Very limited nightlife.

    Best hotels in the eastern part of Gijón

    West zone

    The western part of the city has few hotels since they are mainly residential neighborhoods. In any case, if you want to stay in an area with easy parking, cheaper, with many services and well connected but not so central, it may be your best option.

    Advantages of staying in the east zone.

    • Easy and free parking.
    • Well connected by public transport.
    • Near the beach.


    • Few tourist attractions..
    • Low nightlife.

    Best hotels in the west of Gijón

    Map of Gijon hotels

    Sleep in a campsite in Gijón

    Gijón has two campsites throughout the council. One of them, Camping Gijón – Surf Coast, is located in the Rinconin area and has beautiful views of the entire bay of Gijón. The second, Camping Deva, is located in the parish of Deva and in addition to a camping area, it has bungalows and cabins.

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