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How to get to Gijón by bus

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    The Asturian company ALSA operates hundreds of daily tours from its base in Gijón. Regional, national and international destinations.

    Arrive by bus

    The routes starting or ending in Gijón are operated almost entirely by the company ALSA. From its website you can check the destinations, prices and schedules in an updated way.

    The Gijón bus station is located on Calle Magnus Blikstad, 2, very close to the Plaza del Humedal, in the heart of the city. A few meters away from the station, there are several urban bus stops and a taxi rank.

    The Gijón bus station is in poor condition. It lacks places to take shelter and few platforms for the volume of traffic it supports. There is a project for an interchange a short distance from the current location, but until then, users are advised to exercise caution.

    Schedules and ticket sales

    Bus station map


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